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I Love Photography.

I engaged in photography when I realized that I love nature and art. Literally in love; there are moments when I can’t stop my smile from bursting into the camera’s eyepiece; nature produces for us backgrounds and settings that only a master artist can think of.

After two years of wandering around nature and the world with my camera, I was invited to take part in a wedding as a photographer. At 1:00 AM, while being exhilarated with joy, hugging the bride and groom and feeling their excitement, I realized that life has its moments of great happiness – weddings are one of them. The energies, the love, the joy, the support, the smiles and the beauty – one single event that combines all my passions, so I decided then and there that this is what I want to do, to perpetuate such moments – I’m setting up a photography studio!

I, as a photographer, have the great privilege of sharing an entire day with you, from morning to the wee hours of the night; a day in which your uniqueness as a couple, as a family comes out. Me and my partner, my camera, collect all your special moments and memories into a mosaic of infinite love.

I wish you much happiness and fun in this process, may it be calm and filled with love. I hope to hear from you soon.


Let's get in touch:

Let's get in touch: